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"I’m amazed with your virtual setup; it was fantastic! Nice to be able to communicate with others too. I tried to get my avatar to dance at the after-party but could only move back and forth very Had a great time!" -Julie K.

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Each booth has a virtual standing monitor that users can click and be brought straight to your website or a specific page of your choice.

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Brand on display

When our attendees virtually "walk" up to your company's booth, they will see your brand and your desired signage.

Maximize your visibility with

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Floor & Ceiling Banners

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Ad Videos

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4x4 Ceiling Banners

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On-Stage Ad Loop between speakers

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Stage Brand Videos

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Be a part of the VIP experience

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Floor Pop Up Banners

Hanging and Floor Banners

[[20000 | currency]]
Digital Video Screen

Digital Video Screen

[[30000 | currency]]
Ceiling 4-Sided Signage

Ceiling 4-Sided Signage

[[40000 | currency]]
Back Color Wall (Optional)

Stage Branding (Video Loop)

[[50000 | currency]]
Sponsor Video on Stage (Breaks)

Sponsor Video on Stage (Breaks)

[[100000 | currency]]
VIP Lounge Area

VIP Lounge Area w/Sponsor Q&A

[[250000 | currency]]
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